Shanghai Maike received the five-star after-sales service certification issued by Leverage. See if your company also needs after-sales service certification.

07 Sep, 2023,murphy

When we usually buy things, we will usually ask the shopkeeper: "Is this after-sales service guaranteed?" In fact, when we choose companies and product, we have already decided which company's overall after-sales service we trust. After-sales service not only refers to repairing things after they break down, but also includes pre-sales and sales, which is a systematic process service.

We could learn from a survey: A satisfied customer will trigger 8 potential businesses, and an unsatisfied customer will affect the purchase intention of 25 people. At the same time, the probability that consumers will purchase the same manufacturer's products again because they are satisfied with the after-sales service will be three times higher than the probability that they will purchase again if they are satisfied with the product.

With the rapid development of the economy, words such as complaints and after-sales are increasingly appearing in people's vision. Also, today's customers are no longer limited to price, but now have very high requirements for quality.

The same is true for enterprises from another perspective. How to make customers believe in the quality of their company's products, and how to make customers buy and consume with peace of mind? After-sales service certification is particularly important at this time.

There is an old saying that: "A ture man won't stand beside a collapsing wall." Only by establishing a complete and mature after-sales service system and adhering to system principles will enterprises not be in a dilemma when facing customer complaints due to various reasons.

Commodity After-sales service certification

After-sales service has become an important part of enterprise operations and plays a very important role in the development of enterprises.  The five-star after-sales service certification further proves the company's advantages and strength in after-sales service, and is even more important to the company.

In today's increasingly prominent product quality, enterprises not only need to rely on technology, quality, price and other strength to gain a competitive advantage, after-sales service system is also due to the added value for customers and attention, products and services have already participated in the market competition as a ー as a whole. With the certification strength of five-star service level, enterprises can walk in the forefront of the industry, create a one-stop service for customers to be responsible for the end, and constantly meet customer requirements, beyond customer expectations.

Shanghai Maike Food Machinery Co., Ltd

Previously, Shanghai Maike Food Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Maike) had filed an application. On June 19, 2023, after a strict review and with a complete after-sales service system, Shanghai Maike finally passed the national standard Commodity After-sales Service". Evaluation System" GB/T27922-2011 five-star standard certification, which indicates that the company's after-sales service level has been widely recognized.



Shanghai MCKE Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the convenient transportation of Shanghai Fengxian, in the company's development and growth in these years, the company has always provided customers with good products and technical support, sound after-sales service. Mainly engaged in food machinery, food mold manufacturing, processing, wholesale, retail, chemical raw materials and products wholesale, retail, engaged in the import and export of goods and technology business. Sales network throughout Taiwan, mainland China and all over the world, such as Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Myanmar, Outer Mongolia, Singapore, the Netherlands, Poland, Egypt, Belgium, the United States, Russia, the bakery industry is not only full of love, but also has a deep sense of mission.


Maike passed the "five-star" after-sales service certification this time, which fully reflects the standard and quality of the company's after-sales service, better demonstrates the company's strength, and reflects the company's management philosophy of focusing on serving customers and focusing on service. It had always been adhering to the tenet of customer first, serving customers wholeheartedly, and will continue to improve services in the future, and enhance customer experience through various forms of innovation.


Shanghai Maike Food Machinery Co., Ltd

The commodity after-sales service evaluation system certification is the use of the "commodity after-sales service evaluation system" standard (GB/T27922-2011), to audit the service ability of the enterprise, evaluate the service level, and issue the "service certification certificate"; GB/T27922 is applicable to all kinds of production, sales and service enterprises registered in the People's Republic of China.The result of certification is to prove that the enterprise has implemented after-sales service in accordance with the standard, and has reached a certain level (star); At the same time, it objectively reflects the reality of the after-sales service work of Chinese enterprises, accurately measures the actual level of the after-sales service of enterprises; It can also help enterprises find and overcome the shortcomings in after-sales service work and promote the improvement of their after-sales service work.

Scope of application
  • Tangible commodities (quality, packaging, brand, shape, style, tone, culture, etc.);


  • Intangible services (labor and technical services, such as financial services, accounting services, marketing planning, creative design, management consulting, legal consulting, program design, etc.);


  • All enterprises legally operating in the People's Republic of China can apply for certification (including enterprises that manufacture tangible goods, enterprises that sell tangible goods, and enterprises that provide intangible goods (services), etc.)


  • Goods in the consumer sector, including:


  • All production, trade and service enterprises with independent legal person status can apply for certification.

Benefits of commodity after-sales service certification
  • Authoritative certification: The certification is completed by a third-party certification agency approved by the National Certification and Accreditation Administration. The certification is based on the national standard GB/T27922 "Commodity After-sales Service Evaluation System", so the certification is more authoritative.

  • Improve service quality and customer satisfaction: In the process of establishing the service system, through research, consultation, evaluation and other activities, we can find out the shortcomings in the service process and the space for improvement, establish a perfect service system, improve the service awareness and service ability of personnel, improve the service level of enterprises, and further enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Bidding tool: As a credential certification for large-scale project bidding, government procurement bidding, etc., the first to obtain certification will have an advantage in the competition.

  • Enhance market competitiveness: Through the process of certification, you can extract your own service characteristics, and promote enterprises to innovate service models and shape service brands. The promotion of certification by enterprises can enhance the confidence of customers to buy, eliminate worries and convey trust.

Certification Process


Scoring System

The result of the certification is to prove that the enterprise has implemented the after-sales service according to the standard and has reached a certain height (star). It is the certification of the scoring system, which measures the level of service ability according to the score value of the evaluation:

Reach 70 points (including 70 points) or more, standard level after-sales service;

More than 80 points (including 80 points), 3-star after-sales service;

More than 90 points (including 90 points), four-star after-sales service;

Reach 95 points (including 95 points) or above, five-star after-sales service.

Why choose Leverage

Leverage, as a clean, transparent and responsible third party supply chain management service company, is a "Service Certification" institution approved by CNCA China Certification and Accreditation Administration. He is also a member of China National Accreditation Committee for Conformity Assessment (CNAS IB0605), CCCA China Enterprise Climate Action, ILO SCORE Sustainable Development Project accreditation body, UNGC member of the United Nations Global Compact Organization, with rich experience, price transparency, and professional consultant one-on-one service. Leverage will review and score the service system established by the enterprise in accordance with the principles of fairness, rationality and standardization. If the review is qualified, the corresponding star certificate will be issued according to the final score result. Leverage looks forward to providing you with the certification evaluation of service ability and helping you show the service ability and level of the enterprise.


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