General Social audit

The purpose of the Social Audit is to verify the supplier’s compliance with both health & safety standards (such as SA8000, SCI, ETI, WRAP, ICTI, etc...) and local labor laws.

The Social Audit can determine whether:

  • Health & safety standards are complied with

  • Local labor laws are respected

  • Rights of association & collective bargaining are recognized

  • Discrimination, disciplinary practices, harassment or abuse is present

  • Forced labor or child labor is practiced

  • Adequate compensation & benefits are provided

  • Environmental standards are respected

Our General social audit will allow you to:

  • Be proactive about sustainable development.

  • Avoid factories with dangerous working conditions, child labor etc.

  • Know how near or far your supplier is from the SA 8000 principles.

  • Demonstrate to your clients that you are socially responsible company.

  • Save time and secure your business

  • Social audit reports also list out the suggestions for continuous improvement. Many clients and factories enact corrective action plans after an initial social audit. The implementation of a corrective action plan is the first step towards achieving the international standards.