General Factory Audit


The objective of a general factory audit is to enure that the factory you choose is capable of producing your products to your required specifications and within your desired timeframe.

The General Factory Audit is based on the ISO9000 standards, but in a simplified manner. If you want to make business for the first time with a factory, it is with no doubt that you would like to begin a long term relationship in order to obtain the best quality products. Trust is the most important asset, but since we help clients minimize their management cost, you need to know exactly who will deal with, whether it is an agent or directly with the manufacturer. This Audit will give you a general broad view of who you are going to do business with and what their general capability looks like.

What do we check?

  • Manufacturer's profile: name, contacts details, license, etc.

  • Employees and work force: administration, quality control, workers, etc.

  • Facilities: offices, equipment, production lines, etc.

  • Customers and experience: history, samples verification process, etc.

  • Documents verification: permits, certificates, etc.

Purpose of carrying out a simple factory audit?

To prevent frauds and inexperienced suppliers, review the necessary certificates and licenses for specialized factories, compare potential suppliers and choose the most viable option, confirm the factory’s experience regarding the manufacturing of your products.