Ethical Audits

Social compliance is rapidly becoming a top priority for manufacturers and large retailers. With many years of experience with social compliance audits, capacity building and training, Leverage Limited reviews all findings in detail with both you and the factory, and works with factory management to quickly rectify non-compliant areas.

Leverage Limited has worked with thousands of factories in Asia and Latin America to ensure that their practices, facilities, and paperwork are consistent with the requirements of major retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target and Argos.

The Benefits of Working with us on ethical audits program:

  • Get ideas of the compliance level at the facility.

  • Follow-up with future site visits to reassess the compliance level and check the progress.

  • Train factory management and ensure that it can implement corrective action plans.

  • Identify specific areas of concern and deficiencies that require corrective action.

  • Maintain email and phone communication with manufacturers to ensure that corrective actions are in progress.