SLCP Verification 

SLCP (Social and Labor Convergence Project) is a multi-stakeholder initiative that is aiming to improve labor conditions in the apparel and footwear industry. The program was officially rolled out in May 2019 . As of May 2019, there are over 200 SLCP signatories in total. Leverage is dedicated to helping manufacturers and buyers pick up SCLP assessment tools and ultimately reduce the number of factory audits.

SLCP Objective

The objective of the Social and Labor Convergence Project (SLCP) is to create a Converged Assessment Framework for social and labor data collection that will eliminate audit fatigue. It aims to avoid duplications and reduce the number of social and labor audits, by replacing current proprietary assessment tools. This will allow resources that were previously designated for compliance audits to be redirected towards the improvement of social and labor conditions. It will also increase the opportunity for greater comparability of social and labor data. 

SLCP – The Benefits


SLCP Assessment Process
The facility conducts a self - or joint-assessment through Excel provided on the online system of one of the Accredited Hosts. As part of our SLCP services, Leverage also supports facility to complete the self-assessment.
Data is verified by an SLCP approved Verifiers. This can be completed by an independent (2nd (e.g. buyer) or 3rd party (e.g. Leverage as a service provider). The verification is always done through one of the SLCP Accredited Hosts, a platform which has integrated the SLCP data collection&verification tool into an online format. An SLCP approved Verifier checks completeness and accuracy of the data collected during the self-/joint-assessment. 

The verified assessments are sent to the Distribution Gateway, from where they are further shared with the Accredited Hosts selected by the facility. 

■SLCP Data Hosting & Sharing

■Verification Person Days Table

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