Leverage help Shanghai Cooperation Organization International Investment and Trade Expo achieve carbon neutrality

05 Sep, 2023,murphy
SCO International Investment and Trade Expo 

On June 15, 2023, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Industrial Chain Supply Chain Forum and the 2023 Shanghai Cooperation Organization International Investment and Trade Expo will be held in Qingdao·SCO Pearl International Expo Center.

With the theme of "Collaboration and Win-Win, Linking the New Future of Regional Economic Cooperation", the expo will set up an opening ceremony, guest tours, celebrations, special promotion meetings, etc. The total exhibition area of the expo is over 40,000 square meters, including the SCO National Image Exhibition Area, the SCO Demonstration Area Achievement Exhibition Area, the International Cooperation Theme Exhibition Area, and the SCO High-quality Industry Exhibition Area, etc. Customs, results of cooperation with my country, and my country's global products and solutions in the fields of new energy, smart agriculture, cross-border e-commerce, healthy living, smart home, and low-carbon new materials. During the event, the SCO Economic and Trade Promotion Conference was also held, arranging on-site docking negotiations for more than 120 institutions and enterprises.


This expo is co-hosted by the China Chamber of International Commerce, Qingdao Municipal People's Government, and the Shandong Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization China Entrepreneurs Committee participates in the preparation as a supporting unit.  More than 400 people from the SCO Secretariat, representatives of the businessmen committees of the SCO countries, government departments in charge of SCO economics, trade and investment, business representatives, experts and scholars attended the meeting.


One-stop carbon neutrality service

As a partner of this expo, Leverage provides a one-stop carbon neutral service for the conference, and takes all possible measures to reduce the carbon emissions generated during the event,, from the transport of goods and materials, food and drink for attendees, to the operation of energy consumption facilities on site, to a total of 229.95 tons of carbon emissions.  A total of 240 tonnes of cers were offset by the purchase of CDM projects to achieve carbon neutrality at the conference.

The selection of carbon offset products for the conference is jointly funded by Qingdao Yuangezhuang Potato Professional Cooperative and Jiaozhou Chinese Cabbage Association.


Carbon neutrality in activities
What is carbon neutrality in activities

Activities refer to actions performed to achieve a certain purpose within a specific time and place, including performances, events, conferences, forums, exhibitions, etc.

Activity carbon neutrality refers to the positive and negative offset of greenhouse gas emissions actually generated by activities through the purchase of carbon allowances, carbon credits or carbon sinks generated by new forestry projects, so as to achieve "net zero emissions" of greenhouse gases and achieve carbon neutrality.

It should be emphasized that when implementing carbon neutrality activities, it is not simply to purchase carbon credits to offset carbon emissions. The event organizers need to implement the concept of emission reduction throughout the entire activity process, and give priority to the implementation of actions to control greenhouse gas emissions. On the basis of reducing the greenhouse gas emissions in the activities as much as possible, the purchase of carbon allowances and other means is used to neutralize the actual greenhouse gas emissions produced in the activities to achieve carbon neutrality.

Why should we do this?

In order to promote the practice of low-carbon concept and carry forward the new social trend of taking pride in low-carbon, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued the "Carbon Neutral Implementation Guide for Large-scale Activities (Trial)" on May 29, 2019, which specified emission sources, accounting standards and technical specifications. Beijing, Chongqing and Shenzhen also issued relevant standards one after another.

According to incomplete statistics, in 2021, 52 events/meetings in our country have set an example, achieved carbon neutrality in accordance with relevant standards, and widely spreaded the new low-carbon trend.

In the context of "carbon peak carbon neutral", enterprises can start from the carbon neutral activities, accumulate experience, spread low-carbon concepts and expand corporate brand influence. By doing this, the advantages are as follows:

  • Help reduce energy consumption and waste, reduce activity costs and solid waste treatment costs, and improve economic benefits;

  • Help spread the concept of "carbon neutrality", attract more people's attention to "carbon neutrality" activities, and expand the influence of activities;

  • Help to demonstrate the determination of enterprises to tackle climate change, enhance positive image, highlight social responsibility, and enhance business cooperation opportunities;

How to achieve this?

Event organizers are required to formulate a carbon neutral implementation plan in the preparatory stage of the event, carry out emission reduction actions in the organizing stage, calculate greenhouse gas emissions and take offsetting measures in the final stage to achieve carbon neutrality, and finally confirm the realization of carbon neutrality through self-commitment or commissioning an independent agency to carry out evaluation work that meets the requirements.

Why choose Leverage?

——What can we provide?

  • Scheming  carbon neutral projects 

  • Assist with carbon emission reduction measures

  • Calculate carbon emissions in activities

  • Carbon offset product trading

  • Issue carbon neutrality certificates, etc.


As a responsible third-party supply chain management company, Leverage is the certification body of China National Certification and Accreditation Administration (CNCA-R-2020-707), the inspection and appraisal body of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS IB0605), LCA A member unit of the Cycle Green Management Professional Committee, it is also recognized by many international organizations, such as UNGC, UNEP, ILO, etc.

Leverage actively advocates green and low-carbon living and operating methods, and strives to achieve the company's sustainable development goals as soon as possible. We provide customers with related services, such as ESG strategy consulting and report compilation, ESG rating improvement, green supply chain review, organizational carbon verification, carbon neutral roadmap customization, and carbon disclosure counseling, etc., hoping to help customers reduce carbon emissions and achieve carbon neutrality and goals.


ISO management system certification | service certification | product certification | product inspection and testing services | corporate ESG strategy consulting | ESG report preparation | ECOVADIS/SBTI technical support | ESG-related capacity building | AA1000 enterprise sustainable development (EGS) report verification

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